Special Walking Acts and Walkabouts

Your special wish is requested!

EventComedy Wish Concert!

You are looking for comedy walkact characters we do not have in our repertoire? Special characters?

Ask us!

Rarity value

✔ We are happy to slip into extraordinary desired figures.

✔ Unique.

✔ Our idea forge co-operates closely with your motto givers.

Example MÄN in BLÄCK

To perform special walking acts is a demanding art form. On the one hand, the convincing presentation of the performers is decisive and on the other hand, certain criteria are absolutely important to achieve the recognition effect from the guests' point of view. How can this be achieved? A successful realization of this task consists in the artists expressing significant and latently given characteristics. Instruments such as language, gesture and behaviour can be called up immediately and show the figure played in all its facets.



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"...This festival was very important to us and we would like to thank you very much for having contributed to this successful day with your performances, which entertained us so wonderfully...".