Walking Acts



Access a rich portfolio of quality walking acts.

The walk act is the art to entertain to the maximum in the audience. EventComedy is specialized in this form of entertainment.
The artists move between the guests, go from table to table, address groups and inspire with their actions. On this page you will find a selection from the Walk Act portfolio of EventComedy. You can find more walking acts here.


The original!
The Welcome Walkact

Pilot & Crew

Ready for Take Off! Real or EventComedy?

Rhine Romance

Loreley and Legends and myths

Queen´s Guard

Brexit. Very British Walkact!

Concept Walkact

Walkabout Act by order.
Here: Station anniversary.

Comedy Waiter

"A cup of coffee with garlic, please"

Mobile Goal Wall

An invention by EventComedy.

Mobile Green

Never in the rough again!
Invented and designed by EventComedy

Pirat Walkabout Act

These buccaneers gamble house and yard (of your guests).


Unmistakable: Maritime climate from EventComedy.


Historic trains, track inaugurations, special trips - the comedy conductors ensure fun.

Historical Walkacts

Here for example Goethe and Schiller at an event in Weimar.


No guest can get past them without showing a smile.


An epoch revives with these walkact figures.


Curious but true! 3D puzzles as a special variant and addition to close-up magic.

Photo Fun

Live action as an alternative to the dusty photo box.

Tropical Explorers

Tropical walkabout Act in the biotope "Event".

Stilt Walk

They stand above things, but never look down from above.

20s Motto

The flair of the 20s at your event. From the newspaper boy to the shell player.

Christmas Walkacts

Fresh ideas on classic celebration.
Christmas shows from EventComedy.

Walking Act

Each walking act that you see linked and described above is distinguished by loving character design. The walk act artists combine level acting with humorous skills, such as magic, shell game, speech art, belly-loading entertainment and curiosities. This makes every walk act a special event at your venue.

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