Newspaper boy 20s and trickster

20s Motto Walking Act

The newspaper boys of EventComedy are the focus of your event. Rigid advertising pillars - management is not their job. Eloquent, sensitive and powerful they will find the right address for every guest.

Therefore, the newspaper that can not be brought to the man or woman has yet to be invented. With their active and charming way of approaching guests, they will bring enthusiasm to any event.

Newsflash from Newspeter Boy:

A look behind the scenes! - Press expresses lemon with words!

Sensational weather phenomenon! - This summer was a beautiful day!

Investigative journalist uncovers! - What if there were no hypothetical questions?

Headlines like: "Munich becomes modern", get a new dimension.

20s Flair

✔ As a newspaper boy and crier or as a gambler and hustler.

✔ Fits perfectly to the slogan party twenties.

✔ Tricky, wicked and extremely entertaining.

✔ The 20s belly shop ladies complete the program.

20's shell game player

In the outfit of the shoe shine boys or as a sneaky gambler from the "family", our shell player goes to work with refreshing criminal energy.

With his shell game he brings the street flair of the 20s to your event. Here is not gambling for money, all you can lose is boredom and the belief to outwit a shell player.

Have fun with the entertaining gambling!


Paperboy 20s

The newspaper boy of the 20s Walkact loudly trumpets your message to the audience.

He distributes the newspaper printed by you with your headlines to the guests of your event.

Breaking news: +++ Anonymous letters are only valid without signature! +++

20's newsboys spread your anniversary paper with glad tidings!
Combine the historical shell geme player with the 20s newsboy.

Newspaper boy walkact for 20s event.
Newspaper boy walkact for 20s event

20s Party

You celebrate, we entertain!
With our 20s motto walk acts we enrich your celebration and inspire with Germany's No. 1 shell game player, with the newspaper boy and our belly-shop girls.