THE LIFTBOYS reproduce the personal handshake of the host!

Cavaliers of the Roses

not only on Valentine's Day!

Cavaliers of Roses Walkact - Roses from the Heart

The rose cavaliers from EventComedy don't hand out roses, they hand them over! In your name. And so this walking act is not only an attraction on Valentine's Day, but an effective marketing action for many occasions.


Cavaliers of Roses, that means:

✔ Your roses will be presented in your name

✔ A gesture that comes from the heart

✔ Love, charm, appreciation meant seriously

✔ Sustainability is created in less than 10 seconds

✔ Each rose is presented individually


Can a walking act represent love? The Cavaliers of the Roses embody it! 


The most beautiful way to express appreciation

  • During your promotion
  • During an open Sunday
  • For an anniversary

The Rose Cavaliers are a division of The Bellboys Appreciation of their target audience, the work as a matter of the heart are the basis of each The Bellboys appearance. The handing over of roses has a special meaning. Therefore, the focus of this performance is on the symbolism of the "flower of romance". A special walkact!

"I watched THE LIFTBOYS for two minutes and understood!"
- Stefan Heckl, Managing Director of "music & artists"