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Historical Walkabouts

With a great deal of love for detail, the actors of EventComedy slip into heavy fumbles and recreate unforgettable epochs.

Breathe new life into well-known personalities with EventComedy. How about Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) and Friedrich Schiller (1759 - 1805) meeting again?

This happened at an event in Weimar. The actors of EventComedy met in an extremely elaborate rendezvous at exactly the historically preserved place of activity of both poets and thinkers.

Or how about an interpretation of the historically significant characters Golda Meir (1898 - 1978) and Theodor Herzl (1860 - 1904)? This encounter took place in 2018 in Cologne on the Heumarkt.

Characters played by EventComedy

✔ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

✔ Friedrich Schiller

✔ Friedrich Mettegang - Architect (Oldenburg railway station)

✔ Friedrich Carl Peltz - Architect (railway station Halle a. d. Saale)

✔ Adolf Helbling - Architect (Mannheim railway station)

✔ Annemarie Schradiek - Actress (Diva)

✔ Eleanor Marx Aveling - Political activist (daughter, Karl Marx)

✔ Gustav Riffelmann - Mitropa

✔ Gustav Struwe - Revolutionary

✔ Golda Meir - Former Prime Minister of Israel

✔ Theodor Herzl - Writer


An eye-catcher and crowd-puller. Charming and madly lovable, your guests will be captured and enchanted in style into the historical epoch.

The historical Walk Act of EventComedy accompanies your historical jubilee wherever you need us.

The aim is to create an atmospheric density that brings your desired epoch to life.

In historical costumes from that time, the artists stroll through the energetic hustle and bustle of your event. Through our cultural historian all actors get an inner corset for the character to be played. In the so-called Chamber Service, short, concise theatre sequences can be performed. In extensive terrain, the background determined is clearly visible through the exposed representation of the respective character. In addition, the individual qualifications of the artists in the close-up area are shown to advantage.

EventComedy inspires as Schiller- and Goethe Walkact in Weimar.
Schiller Walkabout by EventComedy
The Goethe-Schiller Walking Act fascinates the audience in Weimar.
Goethe Walking Act by EventComedy
The railway station anniversary is enriched with historical Walkacts by EventComedy.
The railway station anniversary with historical Walkacts
Railway station birthday is celebrated with dazzling walkact figures.
Railway station birthday with dazzling walkact figures.

Historical figures come alive with the walkact performers from EventComedy.

Whether Goethe and Schiller or company founders, who should be visible again at your anniversary, let us know your wish.