Pirates capture your event

Pirates Walking Act

Pirate Comedy Walkact by EventComedy

1 - 7 performers

These buccaneers guarantee good entertainment.
They create attention, intensify the atmosphere and inspire with high entertainment value!

These pirates love to gamble! Great fun: the Three Shell Game or the Three Card Monte. Enjoy!

These PIRATES are perfect!

✔ They attack your guests and rob them of boredom

✔ They're talking about their heads and collars

✔ They ensure atmospheric density

✔ They are looking for the secret treasures of your event

✔ They play house and yard (of your guests)


On board are Captain Swallow and his mate Jack The Bone, probably Jack Sparrow's brother.

Unbridled and crazy but lovable, they welcome your guests warmly and mentally adjust the guest to a buccaneer environment. With their sympathetic appearance and pointed gags they get your guests in the mood. They surprise again and again with brilliant situation comedy, magic and interesting facts about piracy. What does a landlubber understand by hiring or shanghai as it is called internationally?

The pirates by EventComedy finally bring disorder into chaos. The pirates of EventComedy don't cry, they shout!

Event pirates capture your event and spread good humour.
Event pirates capture your event
This is what the pirates and buccaneers of EventComedy look like.
pirates and buccaneers walkabouts
Children's fun with event pirates provide exuberant cheerfulness.
Children's fun with event pirates
Event pirates with stilts, captain and bride - the pirate team.
Event pirates with stilts, captain and bride

Buccaneer walking act on the Countess Emma in Bremen inspires at corporate event.
Buccaneer walking
Pirate walkact with music and atmospheric sea shanties, accompanied by accordion.
Pirate walkact with music
Event pirates in Maximilian Park in Hamm at ship dedication on the playground.
Event pirates in Maximilian Park

"Bold big" or "gambler-small."

Book pirates on stilts as eye-catchers and enjoy the buccaneers as close-range gamblers.

The Pirate Walking Act offers options for every occasion.