Stilt walker Walkact - outstanding figures

Walking Act on stilts

The stilts of EventComedy are above all things! They keep the overview and lead your guests from a higher perspective. The eye-catcher alone makes them a "highlight"!

Combined with the "ground staff" of THE LIFTBOYS they are the living cornerstones of your event. Questions such as: "How is the air up there?" they take with a smile and ask the corresponding counter question. These stilts Walking Act artists have not fallen on their mouths (which would also hurt very much from this height). They entertain with wit and charm and raise the status of their guests. You could say they entertain your guests at eye level. Have fun with these THE LIFTBOYS stilt walkers!

Outstanding but never arrogant

✔ Ideal Eyecatcher.

✔ High-level guiding for guests.

✔ Various costumes.

✔ Perfect combination: stilt walker and ground staff.

Street party and company celebration

On their stilts the walkact artists of EventComedy remind of the tradition of the jugglers and street artists. For them, it has always been a matter of drawing the attention of passers-by and arousing their interest. In this respect, this Walking Act, especially in the eye-catching Liftboy uniforms, is ideal to bring the running public to a standstill, e.g. for your store opening, company celebrations or the anniversary of your business in the pedestrian zone. Our stilt walkers will inspire your potential customers with their show interludes.

Stilts, High-Wheeler, Juggling

Our actors like to slip into different roles with their artistic interludes.

Whether as LIFTBOYS, miners, sailors or pirates, they offer first-class entertainment.