Have you already been served?


Deceptively false comedy waiter and butler as service force with Surprise à la Carte by EventComedy!

Please service

Let these waiters serve you. Don't worry, your jacket won't get stained and no beer will be spilled. But don't be surprised if you are taken literally!

The waiters do their work with a lot of fun and sensitivity for the guests and the situation.

They create well-tempered chaos, not too fast, but smooth.

Fun Factor

✔ Charming operation.

✔ Surprising tricks.

✔ Real service team or wrong waiter?

✔ Low Carb: protein for the laugh muscles.

Comedy Waiter Walkabout Act

Our comedy waiters work in the service team (if available) and gradually turn out to be lovably crazy waiters.

They involve the guests more and more in little jokes, until they finally "enchant" the whole hall.

You won't experience spraying beer and stained suits with these waiters, but unexpected magic, amusing tricks, humorous conversations and served fun snacks await the guests.

Comedy waiter by EventComedy entertain masterfully.
Comedy Waiter
These Comedy Waiters make a lot of fun.
Comedy Waiter makes fun
Waiter team makes fun, done by EventComedy.
Comedy Waiter team makes fun
Nice, the butler from the comedian team.
The butler

The waiter and butler walkact offers the ideal entertainment potpourri in combination with curiosities and cleverly woven-in shell game.