Walkabout Magicians

Always amazing and humorous

Book with EventComedy Germany's unique magicians and shell game performers.

The shell game, on the street a swindle to pull the money out of the passers-by' pockets, is one of the strongest tricks in the entertainment sector. The spectators are directly involved. Since the game is never about financial commitment, it is purely about the entertainment value. The excitement of the game remains. Where is the small ball? Even under the toughest conditions, the good magician is able to make the audience doubt their eyes.
A fantastic alternative to magic are the curiosities by EventComedy.

Special features of the three shell game

 Pure entertainment

✔ Ideal for creating interest e.g. at trade fairs

✔ Is exciting, visual and humorous

✔ There's a lot of talk about this.

Infinite number of possible applications

  • Company parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Fairs
  • Weddings
  • Theme Events

Garbe Transport

"...With your unobtrusive but always present manner you have quickly enjoyed an ever growing fan community, and have thus set a highlight with your performances on our open day!..."