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EventComedy - The Heads

Engelbert Kobelun and Burkhard Schmidt
Engelbert Kobelun and Burkhard Schmidt

EventComedy, that's Engelbert Kobelun and Burkhard Schmidt.
The roots of their joint work go back to 1987, when they started working together in the theatre department of the Jugendkunstschule Unna.

One part consisted of teaching in the fields of theatre, juggling and pantomime. The main focus of the two walkact experts was on solo projects and their joint performance careers.

All the experience from street theatre shows, fool theatre, the coaching of theatre groups, countless trade fair presentations, company engagements, festivals, performances at home and abroad, television and film shooting flow into the Walkact portal EventComedy.

With his interest in the legendary shell game, Burkhard Schmidt (alias DER GROSSE BAGATELLO) is considered by many organizers to be Germany's No. 1 shell game player. This competence to inspire with magic and gambling in the most entertaining way can be found in all EventComedy performances.

Actor and comedian Engelbert Kobelun delights with his fantastic curiosities that closely combine entertainment and unusual phenomena.

Important persons, without whom EventComedy would not exist

Nestel Roy

He was last fully sighted in 2017. He nests tirelessly on the costumes of the walkact formation EventComedy.

Without him the costume collection would be unthinkable.

Feeding times: Mon and Wed between 12 and 15 o'clock.