Never in the rough again!

What is THE MOBILE GREEN - Walking Act?

The Walk Act golf attraction from EventComedy

This Green is coming to you! The Mobile Green is an interactive sports action.

Your guests hit at a living golf course. (An invention of EventComedy.)

Fun is guaranteed - for the active as well as for the surrounding audience.

Recommended by golf professionals because of the new challenge!

Valued by golf novices, because with this sporty walkact the handling of the right wood can be tried out.

Your Event Benefit

✔ An active sports fun with high entertainment value.

✔ Nobody must, everyone may tee off on the living golf course.

✔ Great fun for active and passive guests.

✔ Also for golf professionals a challenge, since the balls require a different teeing off behavior.

„The Mobile Green“ Walkact

Practice and experience golf. The Mobile Green is an attractive golf walk act. A lot of fun for golfers, a great experience for non-golfers. We have the first and only mobile driving range in Germany.

Two holes in one - only with us!

You hit it off the tee with a professional golf club (5, 7, or 9 iron). This is pleasant for the golfer, because the tee, with swing and response, is like on the course. For golf inexperienced people it is an enjoyable experience.

We take care of the safety of players and spectators!

The distance between field and golfer is variable. Special golf balls are used for the tee shot. These are very light and cannot hurt anyone.

As soon as the ball is hit and placed on the field (costume), the accuracy can be checked, because the golf balls stick to the green. (Principle: Velcro meets felt).

Without obstacles, golf would be boring as hell, but so would life!

Comedy Golf from the company EventComedy is great fun for events.
Comedy Golf is great fun for events
Never again in the rough, thanks to the Mobile Green Walking Act by Eventcomedy
The mobile green walkabout performance
Ladies enjoy the Comedy Golf Walking Act.
Ladies enjoy the Comedy Golf Walking Act.
The special ball design lets the golf balls get stuck on the green.
Golf balls get stuck on the green

AHV summer party 2018

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... The feedback was consistently more than positive. There were only positive comments and I hope you had the chance to generate one or the other contact for future orders. ...

I am looking forward to seeing you again in the future". (translated)
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